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covid-19 business recovery services

corporate culture evaluation and Intervention

Our frameworks can help ensure that your understanding of your return-to-business risks is complete and, that your plans for Recovery and Resilience phases of the return-to-work are practical. We are particularly invested in multi-stakeholder governance frameworks because these are particularly good for identifying those business risks that may otherwise be easy to overlook at this time. We coach senior leaders in multi-stakeholder governance, and facilitate discussions of recovery plans. Our consultancy also has unique corporate culture assessment tools that are used to help organisations identify new misalignment risks in the context of disruption of corporate culture, and to encourage appropriate leadership behaviour.

We help organisations to develop their management systems to world-class status through senior team interventions. Interventions can take many forms: tailored workshops, facilitated discussions, individual or small team coaching. Our work is informed by an established instrument for assessing organisational culture and leadership behaviour in relation to the degree to which these support quality improvement and other change programmes. We motivate senior leaders to develop approaches, leadership styles and behaviours aligned with the principles and values of their organisations, and geared to delivery of their business ambitions.